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Showtime – Expo 2015

This video takes viewers inside the 2015 Milan World Expo, an extravagant feast for the eyes, the palate and the planet.

CPD highlights 5 of the most significant books on World Expos.

“We are one in nine billion,” states a striking stainless steel sculpture at the entrance to the U.S. Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life." That visual statement is intended to get visitors thinking about the fact that in 2050, the world’s population is estimated to reach 9 billion, and more sustainable ways to feed people must be found.

Anne Chermak Dillen, on the right

A tried and true public diplomacy method comes back to life.

The Expo is not only to be experienced, but also remembered. As it is a concentrated temporal social occurrence, the outsized event rivets visitors’ attention and fascination. Transient as the Expo experience is, one’s impression of it can be long-lasting.

Jay Wang preps us for the upcoming fair.

American Food 2.0 Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 Announced | Mitchell Davis | TEDxManhattan

Mitchell Davis, Executive Vice President of the James Beard Foundation, discusses the intersection of culinary diversity and food security in this video about the USA's pavilion "American Food 2.0" set to debut early next month at the 2015 World Expo in Milan.  

July 14, 2014

The current UNO publication, Numero 17, La Nueva Diplomacia, features articles focusing on new diplomacy and international relations, and includes a piece by CPD Director, Jay Wang titled Nation Branding Revisited. Other articles cover topics ranging from Soft Power and Digital Diplomacy to Economic Diplomacy and the role of non-state actors in diplomatic relations.