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Hollywood red carpet spotlight image by macrovector via

Neal Rosendorf urges the entertainment industry to leverage its public diplomacy prowess for the greater good.

Photo by Neal Rosendorf (Ciudad Juárez, Mexico)

What might dismantling the U.S.-Mexico border wall symbolize for America? Neal Rosendorf looks to the future with lessons from the past.

President Trump Meets with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

Neal Rosendorf on the turmoil in the Trump White House.


"Is American soft power destined to henceforth be a malign, destabilizing force in the world?" asks Neal Rosendorf.

CPD Blogger Neal Rosendorf shares his thoughts on 'Brand Palestine.'

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia visiting Emperor Akihito in Japan

CPD Blogger Neal Rosendorf on the recent abdication of King Juan Carlos I, Spanish soft power, democracy and more.

In March 2011 I wrote a piece for the CPD Blog entitled "Israeli Public Diplomacy’s Longstanding Blind Spot: Arab Publics,” in which I posited that historical attitudes reaching back to the dawn of the Zionist movement provide a context, if not a continuous mode of thought, lying behind Israel’s inability and unwillingness to construct a public diplomacy program that directly... >