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The BBG has more than rebranded as USAGM; its audience measurement methodology has changed. A longtime audience research analyst questions some of the resulting numbers.

December 21, 2016

Kim Andrew Elliott was around for the founding of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Here, he muses on its demise and why it matters.

The Nerve Center

With Al-Jazeera America's end, what is the state of English-language news networks?

A new plan for countering propaganda has been introduced in the U.S. Senate, but how necessary is it?

Pyongyang Traffic, by Frühtau

The BBC is planning a radio service to N. Korea, and will have to navigate a landmine to do so.

Modulation, by Nic McPhee

When evaluation goes wrong.

Short Wave

Kim Andrew Elliott on an international broadcasting Cold War throwback.

Women of the Radio Listening Clubs in Seke Zimbabwe receive radios

Kim Elliott distills 40 years of international broadcasting audience research for our benefit.