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Notable CPD Blog Posts of 2023

Looking for some insightful holiday reads?

Check out these pieces, which are among the most-read in 2023. Topics range from artificial intelligence in public diplomacy to entrepreneurship diplomacy. 


"See Tình" Sparks a Potential Path for Vietnam to Charm the World

By Nguyen Le

The growing popularity of V-pop makes it an emerging tool for Vietnam to diversify its public diplomacy strategy.


The AI Moves In: ChatGPT's Impact on Digital Diplomacy

By Ilan Manor

CPD Research Fellow Ilan Manor indicates how AIs, without proper regulation, can pose a series of challenges to public diplomacy.


Soft Power and Public Diplomacy in Qatar after the World Cup

By David Ellwood

David Ellwood of Johns Hopkins SAIS Bologna analyzes Qatar's public diplomacy strategies and soft power following the end of the 2022 World Cup.


AI and the Future of Public Diplomacy

By Vivian S. Walker

Can artificial intelligence be a force for good in the practice of public diplomacy, despite the risks?  


Global Engagement and India's Public Diplomacy: Past, Present, and Future 

By Sudarshan Ramabadran 

USC Master of Public Diplomacy student Sudarshan Ramabadran explains how India can use the opportunity of chairing the G-20 and SCO to enhance its global engagement paradigm.


Foreign Correspondents and Public Diplomacy: An Understudied Relationship

By César Jiménez‑Martínez

Public diplomacy scholars and practitioners should stop conceptualizing the media as mere arenas for soft power efforts.


Ukraine's Culture at War: One Year Later

By Volodymyr Sheiko

Ukrainian Institute Director General Volodymyr Sheiko argues that much more remains to be done for Ukraine's cultural diplomacy.


Public Diplomacy and Wicked Problems

By R.S. Zaharna

Public diplomacy needs to expand its vision and tools to tackle the wicked problems facing humanity and the planet.


Introducing Global American Higher Education: A New Public Diplomacy Discourse

By Kyle Long

New materials demonstrate how the global landscape of American higher education affords advantages for public diplomacy.


Entrepreneurship Diplomacy, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Developing Soft Power

By Jonathan Prosser

CPD contributor Jonathan Prosser explains how sustainable entrepreneurship can be public diplomacy.


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