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Top CPD Blog Posts of 2022

Didn't catch every CPD Blog post this year?

Check out these pieces, which are among the most-read in 2022. Topics range from metaverse and information warfare to mega-events and city diplomacy. 


The Metaverse and Its Impact on Public Diplomacy 

By Ilan Manor

CPD Research Fellow Ilan Manor considers forward-looking perspectives on virtual technologies and PD.


Strengthening the Technology-Culture Nexus between ASEAN and South Korea 

By Ratih Indraswari and Seksan Anantasirikiat

From K-pop idols representing ASEAN to maximizing regional information societies, what does the future hold for Korea-ASEAN relations?


Dynamics between City Diplomacy and Public Diplomacy

By Sohaela Amiri

CPD Senior Research Specialist Sohaela Amiri describes a new analytical tool for policymakers.


Why Dubai World Expo Matters

By Jay Wang

The World Expo in Dubai offered an opportunity to form human-to-human connections amid the uncertainty of today's world, writes CPD Director Jay Wang.


A Public Diplomacy Paradigm Shift 

By Vivian S. Walker

Vivian S. Walker, Executive Director of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, shares about significant changes to U.S. PD operations abroad.


Why Russia Is Losing the Information War

By Philip Seib

CPD Faculty Fellow Philip Seib writes about Kremlin's information warfare.


The Value of Soft Power & Cultural Approaches to International Heritage Protection

By Ian Thomas

CPD Research Fellow Ian Thomas of the British Council describes a cultural relations approach to heritage protection.


The Cultural Voice of Ukraine 

By Volodymyr Sheiko

Ukrainian Institute Director General Volodymyr Sheiko argues that current media narratives fail to illustrate Ukraine’s people, culture and history.


Nation Branding, Public Diplomacy and the Dystopian Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games

By Yoav Dubinsky

CPD Research Fellow Yoav Dubinsky shares PD perspectives on China's hosting of the 2022 Olympic Games.


Italy: Soft Power Superpower? The New Official Projection of Italian Creativity

By David Ellwood

SAIS Europe (Bologna) faculty David Ellwood shares about the Italian foreign ministry's new initiative to formalize PD activities.


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