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Top CPD Blog Posts of 2021

Didn't catch every CPD Blog post this year?

Check out these pieces, which are among the most-read in 2021 and cover international responses to COVID-19, PD evaluation, Southeast Asia and more.


Vaccine Diplomacy: A New Chapter in the Story of Soft Power 

By David Ellwood

Media portrayal of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout reveals unprecedented PD dynamics, writes Johns Hopkins SAIS faculty David Ellwood.


Why Dubai World Expo Matters 

By Jay Wang

The upcoming World Expo in Dubai offers an opportunity to form human-to-human connections amid the uncertainty of today's world, writes CPD Director Jay Wang. 


Digital Diplomacy and International Organizations

By Corneliu Bjola and Ruben Zaiotti

Authors of the book, Digital Diplomacy and International Organisations (Routledge, 2021), examine the impact of digital technologies on international organizations and solutions for their needs and goals.


A Fulbright Story

By Mieczysław Boduszyński

CPD Research Fellow Mieczysław Boduszyński reflects on the evident and enduring value of international exchange.


The Greater Eastern Mediterranean and Greece 

By Aristotle Tziampiris

Greece plays a pivotal role in new partnerships and initiatives linking the Gulf with Mediterranean states, writes CPD Visiting Scholar Aristotle Tziampiris. 


BTS: From K-pop Idols to Diplomats: The Right Formula for Effective Public Diplomacy?

By Nguyen Le

A popular South Korean musical group attended the 76th UN General Assembly as "Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture."


Building an Evaluation Approach for Evaluating Arts and Soft Power

By Ian Thomas

CPD Research Fellow Ian Thomas has developed evidence tools to help PD practitioners in the field measure and evaluate soft power.


Public Diplomacy Matters for the Future of ASEAN 

By Seksan Anantasirikiat

Seksan Anantasirikiat discusses the future of ASEAN through community-building, engaging youth and stakeholders, and prioritizing public diplomacy.


Toward City Diplomacy 2.0

By Sohaela Amiri

CPD Research Associate Sohaela Amiri recaps CPD's fourth roundtable of city leaders convening about the future of their global engagement.


Why HBCUs are Ideal PD Partners to Advance U.S. Foreign Policy

By Deneyse Antoinette Kirkpatrick

A U.S. Public Affairs Officer describes how Historically Black Colleges and Universities embody the values and networks critical to U.S. national security and global standing.


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