PD Happenings: February 3 - 9

This Week in PD is a weekly curated selection of public diplomacy-relevant news from a global cross-section of English-language media outlets, including independent, corporate-owned and state-sponsored sources.

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Nation Branding

International Development

 Soft Power

Music & Art Diplomacy

Corporate Diplomacy

Digital Diplomacy

Op-Ed Diplomacy

People-to-People Diplomacy

Youth Diplomacy

Sports Diplomacy


Icons are courtesy of Flat Icon Basic License and are attributed to the following creators: Eucalyp (Nation Branding), Freepik (International Development, Soft Power, Music Diplomacy, Corporate Diplomacy,Youth Diplomacy, Sports Diplomacy, Op-Ed Diplomacy) and Gregor Cresnar (People-to-People Diplomacy, Digital Diplomacy). 


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