Cities on the Front Line of Diplomacy

Subnational actors, from the city-states of the past to the bustling metropolises of today, play an important role in foreign affairs. However, with the growing role of city diplomacy comes the need to develop a robust local network.

Using Los Angeles as an example of city diplomacy, we have curated our content featuring various organizations, including BAFTA LA, the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles, the Pacific Council on International Policy and more.

City Diplomacy


The City of Global Stories


Art and Culture in Los Angeles


Discussions with the Director of LACMA

  • LACMA's Director on Youth and Art in the Digital Age. Watch Los Angeles County Museum of Art Director Michael Govan discuss the role of art in the digital age and LACMA's Next Generation Program.
  • Fútbol: The Beautiful Game. Michael Govan, LACMA CEO and Director, talks with CPD about a LACMA exhibit devoted to diverse contemporary art focusing on this popular sport. Watch Part II.
  • A NAFTA World Cup in 2026? The U.S., Canada and Mexico submitted a joint bid to host the 2026 World Cup. Watch CPD's 2014 roundtable discussion on the topic featuring Michael Govan.

Conversations with Other International Affairs Organizations in LA


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